What We Believe

We believe your child is of infinite worth!

Our program is based on this and on the developmental and spiritual needs and experiences of young children. Each child is unique, with a unique approach to their world and a unique way of processing information. Each child learns in different ways and at differing paces, and we honor this and work within these realities.

We strive for balance, consistency and diversity in planning for each day, seeking to open our students’ eyes more fully to the wonders of the world and the joy of learning. We maintain, above all, balance: balance between indoor and outdoor time, play and structured learning, and between teacher-directed and child-selected activities. We believe your child’s preschool experience should emphasize imagination, wonder and creativity, as well as prepare them socially and academically for their school years ahead. Fun matters, and we do a great job of that here!  Our religious context is reflected in the joy, caring and watchfulness of our amazing staff who create an environment in which each child becomes more and more aware that they and their classmates are truly beloved by God and by them.