Welcome to our preschool.

We are very glad that you are joining us!


The staff at Saint Mark’s is excited and looking forward to working with your child and welcoming the entire family to our school. We can’t wait to get to know you! Welcome to our preschool.

 Before your first day

Below you will find a checklist of forms and other items needed before your first day and information/reminders about policies and procedures to help the transition to school run as smoothly as possible.

All forms can be found on the forms page of the website.

  •  Submit the following completed forms (Enrollment packet):

    • Identification and Emergency Information (LIC 700)

    • Child’s Pre-admission Health History - Parents Report (LIC 702)

    • Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment (LIC 627)

    • Personal Rights (LIC 613A)

    • Notification of Parents’ Rights (LIC 995)

    • Physician’s Report (LIC 701) including immunization records

    • ACH form (optional)

    • Enrollment Agreement

    • Personal Record

    • Email Information

  • Create and account on myprocare.com with the email you signed up with for billing

  • Submit the key fob request for those who will be dropping off and picking up your child

  • Schedule your visit (optional; one 30 minute visit a few days before your child’s start date)

  • Sign up for Pizza Fridays (optional)

  • Bring Emergency Supplies in a gallon zip bag (details available on forms page)

  • Read the Parent Handbook

  • Read the FAQ about first days and general reminders

On your first day, make sure to label and bring:

  • Water bottle

  • Lunch (no nuts)

  • Sleeping bag for naptime (for full day students)

  • Spare clothes

  • Diapers/wipes if applicable

 New Student FAQ


Hours of Operation

Our hours of operation are 7:00 am to 6:00 pm. If your child is on a half-day schedule, they must be picked up BY 1:00 pm, and if on a full-day schedule, they must be picked up BY 6:00 pm. Fees for late pick up are assessed at $3 per minute for both schedules. If you are going to be unavoidably late for the 1:00 pm pick up, please telephone the school and we can make arrangements for your child to stay and nap for the extra half-day fee.

Drop off / Pick Up Procedures

For the safety of our children, and to be in compliance with licensing regulations, please note the following. Our drop-off/pick-up procedures are two-fold–using a key fob to gain entry and to exit the school and signing your child in and out on the classroom clipboards. You will need to use your key fob to gain entry through the main gate from the parking lot, and then to gain entry into the sandbox area. You will then need to sign your child in on the sign-in sheets located in each classroom. You are required to write the time you arrived and your full signature. You will then need to use your key fob to exit the school at the sandbox gate. This procedure helps to ensure the safety of your child; the sign-in and out is also a requirement of our licensing by the State. Do the same when you pick your child up from school.

We will only release your child into the care of those people whom you have designated on your enrollment forms as authorized to do so. No one under the age of 18 can sign your child in or out–a full adult signature is required. Please ensure that you pass this information along to anyone you designate to sign in and out. Ask if you are uncertain of where to sign. If it is the first time a new adult is picking up your child, we will ask to see an ID. There is a $25 fee for non-compliance of either step in the process (correct key fob use and signing in and out).

Early morning drop off (7 - 8 am) is in the Yellow Room. Please sign in your child in his or her class, drop off lunch and belongings, and then take your child to the Yellow Room. Early morning teachers are Ms. Genesis and Ms. Kayo.

Snack and Lunch

Saint Mark’s provides a healthy mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack for your child (a copy of the snack calendar is displayed in the school office and classroom noticeboards and available online here). You will need to provide a lunch each day. We do have microwaves in each classroom for the heating of your child’s lunch if that is your preference, but we do not have enough refrigeration space to store your child’s lunch – we suggest that you provide an ice pack in your child’s lunchbox. Water is always available, but if you would like to send a drink with lunch, please ensure that it is not carbonated. Lunches should be healthy, and include a variety of food groups. Please remember that the school is NUT FREE so please do not pack peanut butter sandwiches or send in any other item that contains nuts of any kind. Some grocery stores sell peanut butter alternatives (such as sunflower), which you can try instead. Thank you for your understanding concerning this policy which is in place to ensure the safety of children who have, or may have, nut allergies.

We provide the option of pizza lunch for an additional fee on Fridays. Sign up here or let Julia know you would like for your child to have pizza.

Tuition Payments

Tuition is due the first of each month. We do not automatically send monthly statements out, but they are accessible through your account on myprocare.com. If you have any questions about tuition payments or the status of your account, please feel free to call the school office, email or stop by.


We offer online tuition payments through ACH transfer. Please complete the ACH form available on the forms page, and return it to the school office with a void check attached. Payments will be processed the 1st or 2nd of each month. A statement or notice to check your statement will be emailed a few days prior to the processing of payments.


There is a tuition box on the wall in the school office to deposit checks.


If you are paying by cash, you must hand it directly to a senior member of staff for it to be counted in your presence.

Communication / Emails

Most communication with parents is done electronically via email, so please check your inbox for the weekly newsletter and other information sent via email. Each student will also have a “take home folder” located in his or her classroom, next to the sign in sheet. Please remember to check this folder for information on a regular basis. If you are not receiving the weekly email, please contact me immediately so we can get you on the list. You will miss important information if you do not read these.

First Experience

If this is your child’s first experience away from home or in a preschool setting, we understand that this can be difficult for both parent and child. It is our aim to make this transition as comfortable as we can for both of you. We recommend a short stay for parents of our new students on the first day of school. You are certainly welcome to telephone the school and speak with a teacher or director for updates on your child. Hopefully you will have had a chance to visit in the week leading up to the official start date. Transition to preschool varies from child to child, and from family to family, and we will work with you to provide the best possible start to your child’s first school experience.

Enrichment Programs

We offer afternoon programs of karate and soccer for ages 3 and up and music for ages 2 and up. For more information about these programs and how to enroll, visit the enrichment programs page.