Parent Handbook

Our Parent Handbook is chock full of useful information on a whole bunch of topics, from enrollment questions to information on separation anxiety, discipline, birthdays, dietary restrictions, your child's prescribed medications, and much more.

Please read the entire handbook. For your convenience, some of the most frequently referenced policies are listed below.


Birthday Celebrations

Each child’s birthday is celebrated in the classroom. Due to multiple allergies and a desire to promote healthy eating habits, we do not celebrate with treats/food of any kind. Children receive a crown and there will be singing and birthday dancing or games on the day closest to his or her birthday. Individual classrooms will find age appropriate ways to celebrate the birthday child. 


Re-registration for the upcoming school year takes place beginning in March of each year. We must receive your re-registration form and fee by the deadline given on the form for your child to maintain their enrollment beginning August 1. Registration forms and information will be placed in parent folders and notices put in the weekly emails closer to the time. Forms and the designated re-registration fee should be returned to the school office.


Please notify the school if your child will be be absent for any reason. Saint Mark’s Preschool is funded solely by tuition monies. Tuition is determined based on the annual cost of caring for your child and the expenses associated with running a school and maintaining the buildings and grounds. The annual cost is divided into twelve equal installments to arrive at the monthly amount due, with a discount factored in for full day enrollments. Tuition cannot be prorated or refunded for holidays, or days your child is otherwise not in school.

Last Day Notice

We require 30 days notice of your intent to withdraw your child in order to offer their vacated slot to a family on our waiting list. If your child will be moving to Kindergarten during the Summer, you will be asked to complete this form as part of the Re-Registration process. Click here for a copy of the form, complete it and return it to the school office prior to 30 days before your child's last day with us.


We are a NUT FREE school in order to keep all our children safe who have, or may have, nut allergies. Please do not send peanut butter sandwiches, whole nuts, or granola bars with nuts etc to school. If you have packed sunflower spread sandwiches (that resembles peanut butter), please let your child’s teacher know to avoid confusion. 


Our staff is vigilant and committed to providing the safest possible environment for your children, and they do an exemplary job of it. That said, our youngest children are still unsteady on their feet, and our older children are still trying to figure out what they are physically capable of. Scraped knees and elbows and minor bruises and spills, despite our best efforts, will occasionally happen. These are reported to you on our Ouch Report, which will be placed in your Parent Folder the day of the incident, and our staff will inform you of the incident when you pick up your child that day. In the extremely rare case where an injury requires a physician's evaluation, you (or an emergency contact designated by you) will be called immediately.

Sick Policy

Children with a fever, diarrhea or vomiting should be kept home. This is for the protection of your child, the other children in our school and our staff. Children may return to school only when they have been fever, diarrhea and/or vomiting free for 24 hours. Should your child become ill after they've arrived at school, they will be removed from the other children into a supervised isolation area and we will call you or a designated emergency contact to pick them up.

More Serious Communicable Diseases

Please notify the school office as quickly as possible if your child has been diagnosed with a more serious communicable disease than a cold or flu, such as measles, chicken pox, head lice or conjunctivitis, etc. In the event of a communicable disease for which childhood vaccines are available and recommended (see "Immunizations" under the enrollment tab on this website), if your child is not immunized against that disease you may be required to keep your child at home for a period of time given by the Health Department (e.g., in the case of measles, for 21 days). There will be no refund or prorating of tuition while your child is quarantined from the school.

Parent - Teacher Conferences

We offer formal parent-teacher conferences once a year, typically either in the early spring or in the late summer. Sign up sheets will be available in advance and notice given in the weekly emails. If at any other time during the year you would like to speak with your child’s teacher in private, please contact the office and we will make arrangements. We encourage daily brief communication with teachers at either drop off or pick up, depending on availability, but ask that you request an appointment for a more lengthy discussion or if you have a particular concern.