Frequently Asked Questions

What is your tax identification number?


What is your facility number with the Department of Social Services?


Why is tuition the same amount in the months the school is closed for a week at Christmas and Easter?

Tuition is based on the total annual cost of caring for your child, which includes staff costs and overhead costs, such as buiildings, maintenance, food and classroom supplies. The monthly tuition amount is that annual cost divided by 12 months. Tuition is not based on a daily or weekly rate.


Do you have open enrollment?

Yes, we fill open spaces throughout the year as they become available. We have the most openings in the summer as our older students transition to Kindergarten.


How do I put my child on the waiting list?

Please fill out an application form. See waiting list under the enrollment tab.


What are your staff-student ratios?

Ratios are 1:5 in our two year old classroom and between 1:6 and 1:10 for the older children.



We are required by the State of California to provide a two hour period each afternoon for napping and resting. Those children who do not nap are required to rest quietly, with books or other quiet activities that do not disrupt those children who do nap.


What is your Chapel program?

See chapel under the about us tab.


Our school gets its life and identity through the Episcopal Church. Our chapel program takes place each Wednesday and is designed to be of a length suitable to young children, focusing on God's unconditional love for them. There is no indoctrination in our chapel program, nor any focus on more adult concepts. All children in classrooms that partiicipate in chapel must join the rest of the class as we do not have the staffing to supervise them separately. 


When was the school founded?

We were founded in August 1989.


Do you have an Open House?

Yes, we have an Open House on a Friday afternoon in the Spring. Please check our calendar for the exact date.


Do you provide a lunch? Do you provide snacks?

We provide two nutritious snacks a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon after the rest hour. We do not provide lunch, however on Fridays parents have the option of signing up for our pizza lunch option for an additional fee. All classrooms have microwaves for heating lunches for your child if needed.


When does my child move to a different classroom/age grouping?

The majority of children move into the next age level and classroom during the Summer months. Children are moved in a group and beforehand visit the new classroom to help with the transition. Occasionally we will move children at other times during the year, if they are developmentally ready for such a move and if there is space available.