Our church - Saint Mark's Episcopal


Saint Mark's Episcopal Church is beautifully situated at a boundary between the urban and the suburban in Glendale. We are known for our beautiful garden, open every day, all day to any who might want a peaceful place to rest awhile; for our red doors swung wide open, every day and all day, to any who might want to enter in and pray; for our bronze life-size statue of Jesus carrying his cross, which has become a pilgrimage site of sorts for many residents of Glendale who stop to reverence it, bring flowers of adoration, even buckets of water to lovingly wash Jesus' face.

We believe in open arms, open hearts, and a genuine joy in welcoming all, no matter who you are, where you've been, what you suffer, or the questions you may have about God, Christ, faith or church. You are very much welcome here to share with us your personal journey, your spiritual quest and to share with each of us in ours!

We have wonderful programs for children and youth and many opportunities for adults, for learning, for enjoying the arts and for enjoying one another.


For more information about Saint Mark's, please visit our website: